Fall 2014

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Volunteers Needed!
Interested in volunteering at AMS? You can sign up using our new VolunteerSpot page: http://vols.pt/DPdgvg
If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Ms. Nem atjnemecek@nhusd.k12.ca.us or 510-489-0700x62653

Principal’s Message:

As the summer recess approaches an end I would like to take a moment to welcome back everyone from what I hope has been a long a restful break. Sorry parents, I don’t think this applies to you. Yes, we are entering a new school year but we are also entering a new era as well. We are currently working to prepare everything for the fall semester.

The new Common Core State Standards take effect this year. The new standards require more of an emphasis on students demonstrating what they think. Students will be asked why they think what they think and will have to be able to justify what they think using evidence, not opinion. This does not mean that “content” or “skills” will no longer be taught. Skills are the basis for how students are able to justify their thinking. The shift is to having students use the content skills that are taught in order to make their thinking processes clear.

Another exciting change this year is that we will be assigning Chromebooks to all of our students. Last year we gave Chromebooks to all sixth graders. This year all other students will be given the technology that will enable them to complete the work required in this new era. 

If the last 20 years teaches all of us anything, it is that our world is changing at an extremely rapid pace. Our current AMS students are 11, 12, and 13 years old. But in the next 20 years, they will be 31, 32, & 33 years old. They will have to compete in an employment market place that is unknown. They are going to live and compete in an ever changing world and compete for jobs that have not yet been invented and do not currently exits. We must all help our students prepare for this new future. It is an exciting challenge. 

I look forward to the changes and especially watching our AMS student explore and thrive. Welcome back Cougars! I hope everyone is ready to get back to work. 

Jesus Varela
Principal, Alvarado Middle School

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Aileen Pagtakhan,
Aug 13, 2014, 4:16 PM